Sep 28

Innova 3100 Marks 10-Year Anniversary as Best-Selling Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Friday, September 28, 2012


FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif.– (Oct. 3, 2011) – Equus Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the 10th anniversary of its INNOVA® 3100 CanOBD2 Diagnostic Tool™, which has surpassed 750,000 pieces sold since it was first introduced during the 2001 Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX). Believed to be the single best-selling on-board diagnostic tool of all time, this single product accounts for an estimated 20 percent of U.S. OBD2 product in quantity sold.

"The Innova 3100 product was an immediate hit from the moment we launched it,s and it's held the top-selling spot in its category ever since," said Ieon C. Chen, CEO of Equus Products, Inc. "The success of this tool has surpassed our wildest expectations, and we are thrilled to have helped more than three-quarters of a million customers of all levels diagnose and solve their vehicle's check engine light problems."

Chen adds that it's rare to see a product with such a long product life that is still going strong with a double-digit growth rate every year. He credits the 3100's success to a well-engineered design, ease-of-use and affordability. The product transcends the do-it-yourself market to help professional automotive technicians and everyday drivers alike solve vehicle "check engine" problems, making it appealing to a wide range of brick-and-mortar and online retailers.

Described by customers as an "excellent product for the price," the INNOVA 3100 connects to any 1996 or newer car, truck, SUV or minivan to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes. In seconds, its patented all-in-one display alerts the user to problems, and lets them know if the vehicle is ready to pass an emissions test. It also stores codes in memory for off-car review and analysis using a PC. Included software lets the user generate, print and save detailed diagnostic reports, and update the device. More skilled users appreciate that the tool captures freeze frame data to pinpoint and troubleshoot tough problems. The device also updates every 30 seconds when connected to the vehicle to help verify a correct repair. The product is designed and supported in the U.S.A. by a team of all ASE-certified technicians.
"At Equus Products, we pride ourselves on providing value-added product enhancements to help our customers quickly troubleshoot problems on vehicles of today and tomorrow," said Chen. "This is particularly important considering drivers are holding onto their cars longer than ever before, with the average age of a U.S. passenger vehicle at an all-time high of 10.6 years. We are committed to ensuring that products such as the 3100 will help our customers work on the car they bought 10 years ago as well as the car they buy tomorrow."

Since launch, enhancements to the 3100 tool have included the addition of CAN (Controller Area Network), USB connectivity, trilingual (English, French, Spanish) on-screen definitions, coverage for model year 2010 and newer diesel and medium duty trucks, and software updates. Also added was the optional RepairSolutions® service, which provides online access to a complete repair solution, including VIN-specific fix, parts needed and repair procedures. Equus Products has also expanded its on-board diagnostic tool line to include nearly a dozen products to complement the 3100 from the entry-level 3020 CanOBD2 Tool to the professional grade 3160 ABS + CanOBD2 Scan Tool.